Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Ideas

Christmas Ideas
"Buy a locker.  Decorate a locker."

We have witnessed God do exceedingly and abundantly above anything we have asked for or even thought of.  Through God’s Word, we have learned what true religion is and what He requires of us.  If you have followed our journey to India and have been moved with compassion for the children at the Truth Children’s Home Orphanage, then I hope you are as excited as I am to see their needs being met. 

The Zurishaddai Church now has a concrete roof!  The church members can now meet and the children can now sleep protected from the weather.  The pillars to the upper floor are set and the children’s rooms are now being built.  I stand amazed!  His grace is abundant and He gives us such marvelous gifts.

With my last blog in mind (Jesus as our focus and our greatest gift), I would like to present you with some practical things to consider.  Most of us have so many things, we don’t know even know what to do with them all.  What if, this year, we considered giving more than receiving?

Here are a few Christmas/Keeping-Jesus-as-our-focus ideas:  

  • 13 of the 32 children have been sponsored.  Praise God!  There are still 8 girls and 11 boys that could benefit greatly from your sponsorship.  Could you commit to $25/month?  This would provide for a child’s food, clothing, shelter, and education.
  • Funds are being raised to provide bunk beds for the children.  They are still approximately $1,500 short.  Would you be interested in giving toward this need?
  • Each child needs a space to put their belongings.  A metal locker can be made for $20 each.  They would each have a space of their own to keep their clothing, school books, etc.  Would you be willing to purchase one or more of these lockers?   How much fun would it be to send letters, drawings, and decorations for them to display on their own lockers??
  • Perhaps you, your family, or your church would be interested in sending a Christmas box to the children.  Like the Operation Christmas Child program, you could pack a shoebox and send it with some necessities, a Bible Story, and even a toy or two to the children.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Pastor Wilson Babu.  If you haven’t already noticed, this is something I love to talk about. J 

May God make us worthy of His calling.

The lockers.

Children praying before bed. 

Children singing before bed.

Church after construction.

Pastor P.Wilson Babu and Sister Jemimah with their three daughters.

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